I Submitted My Walmart Application Form, Why Haven’t They Called Me?

There are few things I can think of that are more frustrating than submitting a Walmart application form and not getting a call back for an interview within two or three weeks. The problem is that these days there are so many applications being filled out, probably at a record pace, that it’s difficult for any company to look through the applications and be as thorough as possible in contacting each and every job applicant that comes along. What does this mean for you? It simply means that you have to resort to different tactics to try to get yourself heard and to try to put your application at the top of the pile.

With the Walmart application form or one from any other company for that matter, you cannot take a passive approach when you’re trying to get hired. You need to go full steam ahead as if you were a running back for a championship football team trying to get to the end zone. So, how do you do this?

Make Sure You  Do This Before Your Walmart Employment Application

For starters, before you even apply online you need to try to make contact with the management staff at your local store. When you meet them, try to be as personable as possible so that they can get a great first impression. This also means you need to dress in decent clothing; no flip-flops or 20 earrings across your earlobes!

Networking is key in any business. If you’re trying to get hired. Getting a Walmart job is no exception. If you know somebody who even knows somebody who works at Walmart or is in an important position at this retail chain then it’s best to use that resource to your advantage. However, even if you don’t know anybody, you can still network your way to success. All you have to do is start at the bottom and work your way up as far as meeting people and trying to build a relationship. You may shop at Walmart all the time and you may even have your favorite cashier. Why not asked this person how they like working at Walmart and try to be as friendly as possible and building some type of connection with them? There are many people who start this way when they have no connection. They see a particular employee on a regular basis and they have established some sort of communication with them. When it comes time to put forth the Walmart application form, all they have had to do is to mention to this person if they can talk to the manager. This employee could serve as the bridge between talking to management and not being able to talk to anyone at all! The bottom line is you need to make contact with somebody who’s in an important hiring position even if it’s indirectly. This will ensure that you do not get lost in the Walmart hiring shuffle.

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