Working At Walmart – What is it Like?

Working at Walmart has its positives and negatives just like any other retail store. However, if you were to ask 100 people in the room what it has been like at Walmart as an employee it’s highly likely that a high percentage would say they love working there.

One of the biggest complaints that I hear from Walmart employees all the time is the low pay. In reality, the retail business is not a high-paying business, especially if you start out as an entry-level employee. On the flip side, there are many workers who are very content with their pay and report that they periodically get pay increases according to their job performance.

Turn Your Walmart Application Form Into Fun

Most people also report that working at Walmart is full of fun. It’s a pleasant atmosphere and you get to make many friends along the way. I believe this has to do with management. If the management is loose and relaxed, their employees will work at their optimum level because of the lack of stress. On the contrary if you have a store manager who is uptight and unreasonable and falls into the category of being a micromanager, then all you’re going to have are disgruntled employees who fail to meet the job performance and objectives expected of them.

While you are working at Walmart you should probably know by now that as far as job security, you probably have the best job on the planet. The truth is, you can simply show up to work and go through the motions and not have to worry about losing your job. Of course, if you’re not performing up to the best of your ability, you’re selling yourself short and you won’t move within the ranks and you won’t get the respect from other employees and supervisors.

Job Opportunities at Walmart Offer Promise

There is plenty of room for career growth at Walmart. They give periodic evaluations to their employees and it’s in your best interest, if you want to move up the ladder of success, to perform at an optimum level at all times.

One of the greatest benefits people report while working at Walmart is it they can get 10% off all store products except for grocery items. I say that’s way cool!

Working at Walmart is a great career opportunity to matter how you slice it. There are plenty of negative comments to go around for every single major retail store but these usually come from people who don’t have much of an work ethic and people really have no direction in life. Without a doubt, there are some cases where employees have been wronged by another employee, making their experience at Walmart and negative one. But these cases are few and far between and I am certain Walmart does its very best to weed the undesirable people out of their organization.

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