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  1. BragdonFdol says:

    Are there any available Walmart jobs in Arizona? I live in the Phoenix area.

    • admin says:

      I’m sure there are many job openings in your area. There are tons of these retail stores in Phoenix! Just use your Walmart online application login after you register and submit your application right away. You have nothing to lose!

  2. Laurel Byron says:

    Is their a an easier way to apply like is there a Walmart application print out or something I can use. Mayybe a pdf?

    • admin says:

      I’m sorry but there are no printable job applications for Walmart. They do not accept any applications other than through their online process either on your coomputer or the store’s Kiosk.

  3. Kai Morgan says:

    How do you pass or fail a assessment test when all the question are opinionated from your point of view. I this don’t see why they ask you these question when there really know right or wrong answer what would you do. To me that this plain stupid and really doesn’t make any sense.

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